• anna anthropy

      anna anthropy 

      anna anthropy is an artist, author and game creatrix working in the East Bay area. As an ambassador for game creation, she works to empower marginalized voices to gain access to game creation. Her first book, Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, is an autobiography / manifesto / D.I.Y. guide. She's radical.

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    • Robert Yang

      Robert Yang 

      Robert Yang is an indie game developer, pseudo-academic, and practicing homosexual. He occasionally writes for Rock Paper Shotgun. He's currently teaching game development at Parsons the New School for Design and NYU Game Center, and right now he's working on a first person game called Radiator -- a game about fourth dates, gay divorce, and obsidian lions mauling misogynists on moonlit beaches.

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    • Deirdra Kiai

      Deirdra Kiai 

      Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai is a writer, programmer, musician, and visual artist valiantly attempting to make an honest-to-goodness career out of all of the above. They released their first videogame at age sixteen (for which they still occasionally get fan mail to this day) and have since used their interactive storytelling skills to touch on such subject matter as feminism, race, gender, coming of age, and social awkwardness. After previously having worked in the game industry as a programmer, writer, and designer, Squinky is now looking forward to starting an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media at

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    • Mattie Brice

      Mattie Brice 

      Mattie Brice is a play critic, designer, activist, and consultant. She focuses her writing on diversity initiatives in the video game community, often bringing in the perspective of marginalized voices to publications like Paste, Kotaku, The Border House, and Pop Matters. Mattie speaks at gaming related conferences like the Game Developers Conference and co-organizes the Queerness and Games Conference. Her studies have led her to explore narrative design and she plans to push the borders of how we think of how we play.

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    • Nathan Altice

      Nathan Altice 

      Nathan Altice teaches Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. He writes at metopal.com.

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    • Maddy Myers

      Maddy Myers 

      Maddy Myers is a freelance video game critic. She currently writes a biweekly column as well as game reviews for Paste Magazine. She previously worked as a games columnist, features writer, and web producer for the Boston Phoenix, until the publication went out of business in early 2013. Her writing about video games has also appeared at re/Action, Gameranx.com, the Border House, and Kill Screen. She also publishes pieces that don't feel like they belong anywhere else on her personal website Metroidpolitan.com, and she tweets

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    • Todd Harper

      Todd Harper 

      Todd Harper is a researcher at the MIT Game Lab and occasional blogger about video games and other media matters. His work follows the sometimes diverging, sometimes intersecting paths of e-sports and competitive gaming (particularly fighting games) and gender and queer issues in games. A game created as part of Todd's research, A Closed World, was an Indiecade finalist in 2012, and his upcoming book about the competitive fighting game community, The Culture of Digital Fighting Games: Performance and Practice, will be available from Routledge later this year. You can read his blog,

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    • Juhana Leinonen

      Juhana Leinonen 

      Juhana Leinonen is a Finnish software developer and an avid interactive fiction enthusiast. Since discovering the medium six years ago he has been an active community member and authored several interactive stories, both "Infocom-style" parser-based and hypertext-based. He has developed related web-based technology, most notably the Vorple user interface library, and participated in other projects that have looked into making interactive fiction more accessible to new players. His current interests lie in combining elements from other games and m

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    • Liz Ryerson

      Liz Ryerson 

      Liz Ryerson is an outspoken jill-of-all-trades - a composer, game designer, game critic, and (not terribly adept) visual artist. Her personal mission is to help games love their own weirdness and be much more willing to accept and engage in dialogue with film, music, and visual art.

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    • Alex Myers

      Alex Myers 

      Alex Myers Based in Omaha, NE I make artgames to explore how accidental meaning/anomalous discourse emerges by breaking rule-based game spaces to disrupt player expectations and concepts. I have exhibited at NP3 in Groningen, Nikolaj Kunsthallen in Copenhagen, Lab for Electronic Art and Performance, Berlin, Interaccess in Toronto, FACT in Liverpool, and LACDA in Los Angeles, among others. I received my MFA(Hons) in 2009 from the Interactive Media & Environments program at The Frank Mohr Insti

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    • Chris Klimas

      Chris Klimas 

      Chris Klimas is a Baltimore-based indie game designer and web developer. His first released games, Mercy and Blue Chairs, were parser-based text adventures. He went on to create Twine, a graphical tool for hypertext story creation, in 2007, and Zoetrope, a Lua library for 2D games, in 2012. He's also one half of the indie game studio Twofold Secret.

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